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Partner Restaurants

What we always try to achieve, thanks to the passion for our job, is the satisfaction of all our guests offering a service up to their presence in Desenzano!

This means give references to selected restaurants too. Consequently, creating a network of Local Hospitality that gives a real welcome to the travelers.

All our guests that will choose one of this restaurants will get a special attention!

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  Main Street Pub

   Hosteria Croce D'Oro

  La Frasca Restaurant

  Grande Shanghai - Chinese Restaurant

  Santa Pizzeria

  Izuumi Japanese Restaurant

  Spritz & Burger

 Al Fattore Pizzeria & Restaurant

  Osteria da Romano

  Caffè Italia

   MoS Restaurant

  Colomba Pizzeria & Restaurant

   Caffè San Giuda


  Alla Lepre Restaurant

  Kapperi Pizzeria & Restaurant

  Esplanade Restaurant



  Malavasi Winery

  • Località S. Giacomo Sotto, 1
    25010 Pozzolengo (BS)

    Tel: +39 030 991 8759

  Olivini Family - Winemakers since 1970

  Montonale Winery

  • Località Conta, 4/A
    25015 Desenzano del Garda (BS)

    Tel: +39 030 910 3358