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Who we are addressing

1. Independent hoteliers

Planned and shared day-to-day consultancy services to improve management and the various sectors. Absolutely non-invasive interventions.

2. Hoteliers

Bearing in mind that today being on the market implies great organisational and managerial efforts, a great deal of professionalism and great knowledge of all sectors, BONOTTO HOSPITALITY offers its own brand for 360° support while leaving the independence of the structure/property. Total support in quality, sales, marketing, development of image and advertising, relaunching. Suggestions for the best suppliers and help with day-to-day management. In other words, a Medium Franchising that leaves total independence to the owner, but which shares hotel life and gives representation and recognition on the market: Network d'Hotels Italiani - l'Unione Fa La Forza - Powered by OSPITALITA' BONOTTO.

3. Entrepreneurs & Property Owners/Builders

For those who wish to invest/buy in the hotel sector or who own a property and want to make a profit without being personally exposed to business risk: Direct Management - BONOTTO HOTEL, l'Ospitalità Italiana Diffusa.

4. Entrepreneurs

Creating a network of services and offers in various fields available to the traveller. A brand that, while leaving everyone independent, supports in communication, marketing and sales the various tourism sectors such as wine, oil, rentals, restaurants, artisans and others. Once again we are talking about true Territorial Hospitality.

5. Organisations

Public and private territorial organisations that look to market or relaunch a geographical area.