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Achieving success today is increasingly difficult, which is why we are your answers to your questions and hesitations to improve performance, maximise returns and create new opportunities:

- Business check-ups with SWOT analysis - identifying strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the internal and external environment;
- Study of operational strategies: What are the objectives to be achieved after a careful listening phase; How to achieve them; When will you be ready to do it;
- Management: we take our clients by the hand and accompany them through the daily operations of the hotel business by checking the various departments and their work: Front office, back office, sales and marketing office, reservation, floor service, catering, meeting & congress, purchasing office;
- Help with the choice of management software: depending on the size of the business, our references will help with operations;
Mystery guests: in complete anonymity, in the guise of a normal client, we assess the guests' experience of the service offered "live";
- Hotel renovation support with identification of suppliers and the latest market trends;
- Hotel branding: based on a precise assessment of the structure, we evaluate and suggest possible franchises with which to identify.

Economic and financial analysis

By means of existing budgets or estimates, we are able to forecast the results in order to make the right choices in advance and arrive at a profitable result.


The indispensable tool for representing one's activity and territory by asking oneself,
"Why should those who look at me choose us?".

Market positioning;

Supply/demand analysis;

Monitoring the international, national, regional, local market situation;
Market trends;
Branding, study of logos and harmonisation of presentation materials;
Internal and external communications;
Winning image.

Yield Management & Pricing

Supporting the company in defining a pricing policy that is as consistent as possible with its image, services, location and correct pricing in the various sales channels and market segments. Maximising results.

The Web

In recent years, this channel has literally overturned the way of doing tourism and requires a careful study of image, positioning in search engines through key words, useful links, web 2.0 and anything else that helps cyber sales.


This sector is often of vital importance for the life of the hotel, rather than for the liveliness of the location, OSPITALITA' BONOTTO has concentrated its efforts by offering feasibility studies, studying competitors and demand/offer. We prepare business & marketing plans, analysis of old management, positioning of new management and development of the business idea. We advise on the choice of suitable suppliers in terms of both equipment and raw materials. We study menus and wine lists with their respective pricing. We support and help in the choice of staff and their optimisation. We monitor food and management costs with the aim of improving the final results. This type of catering also aims to create a kind of link between the different offers by offering typicality, better quality/price ratio and a kind of souvenir for customers.

Meeting, Congress & Incentive

This is a sector that requires a great deal of experience and attention, as it covers the entire chain of a destination or hotel. We help set up the offer, promotion and marketing at national or European level. We start with the positioning of specific sectors according to the destination and structure, accommodation capacity, event spaces, food & beverage, transport and post-meeting activities. All summed up in one sentence: A Meeting of Possibilities.


We consider this sector very important because every business is made up of the people who work in it. They are therefore the real competitive advantage and the real way to win the challenge with the future. Today's collaborators can also be of different nationalities with cultures and values that are decidedly different from those of Italy. Awareness-raising and training to convey our visions to them is therefore necessary and indispensable.

Recruitment and support in staff selection;
Training with courses on sales, behaviour and team building;
Internal organisation;
Staff structure;
Job descriptions;
Improving corporate climate Creation of a database for figures and careers.

Legacy regulations

This is another sore point: preparing for the generational change is necessary not only to provide continuity, but also to give meaning to what has been achieved and built up over a lifetime of work and sacrifices. The same family will have to make difficult choices, such as assigning specific tasks and organising their children in a hierarchical manner if they are interested in continuity, based on criteria of ability and meritocracy.

In fact, having a name or a family business does not give any guarantee; the job must be earned, deserved and maintained with ability. In addition, it is necessary to clarify three fundamental aspects: family relationships, company relationships and employment relationships, which are completely separate and do not necessarily interact.

Attention: generational change does not mean a clean break, but a gradual passing of the baton, with parents and children together, and not the exclusion of one generation. It always requires a great deal of sensitivity in receiving and giving the baton, intelligence and farsightedness. Parents are treasures to be guarded, with experience to be put to good use.

Then you also need to know how to look ahead, to continually communicate and not interrupt it using 'principles' as a justification.